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ferriferrous oxide manufacturers

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Industry ferroferric oxide / Fe3O4 industry grade
Industry ferroferric oxide / Fe3O4 industry grade is made from iron ore.
Place of Origin:Shanxi, ChinaChemical Composition:Fe3O4Moisture Lever:8Max
Shape:Fines (Powder)Concentrate Or Not:ConcentrateMoisture (%):8% Max
Fe (Min):71.5TFe:≥71.5%Fe3O4:≥98.8%
400 mesh:90%Acid-insoluble substance:≤0.2%SiO2:≤0.6%
Ferri ferrous oxide Nature:
1.Fe3O4 also known as Fe3O4, black powder. Density 5.18 ° C, the temperature 1538 ° C, while decomposition.
2. The humid condition in the air easily oxidized to ferric oxide. Acid soluble and insoluble in water, ethanol and ether. Pigments and scouring agents. Specially designed magnetic iron oxide system can be used tape recordings and telecommunications equipment.
1. Iron Oxide can be used in chemical industry, plastic, textile, painting, rubber, pigment, sealing, etc.
2. Electron, electronic packaging, ferrite material, cell can use the Fe3O4 nanoparticles.
3. Metal, ceramic, nano ceramic, composite ceramic substrate is also available to applied with the Fe3O4 nano.
4. Iron oxide nano material is being use in uvioresistant material, microwave absorbing material.
5. Biological medical, magnetic drug carrier, sparse cell isolation, magnetic heat therapy materials, etc.
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After sales service
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Free online consultation
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