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What textbooks are the best for IIT-JAM physics? Suggest question paper books also.

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Please be specific about your topic, particularly the topic, you are comfortable with (not the topics from where hardly any questions are asked e.g sound) . Don't need to read every topic for IIT JAM Physics 2019.

By the way, my main textbooks were-

HK Das- Math physics

SN Ghosal- Atomic and Nuclear

DJ Griffith - Electrodynamics and Quantum Mechanics

Gupta, Kumar- Classical Mechanics (you can try Schum's outline or any other good books).

Besides try to practice previous years JAM and JEST question papers and if posible try any NET or GATE books.

Best wishes from my side and thanks for reading!

posted Oct 12, 2018 by Tripti Khandal

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Best MCQs books for IIT JAM Mathematics

A Complete Resource Manual for MSc Entrance Examination by Rashmi Gupta and Suraj Singh

You should refer previous year papers for IIT JAM Mathematics to analyze type of difficulty level in JAM and practice as many questions as you can. You can even find a set of practice papers in ARIHANT publication (Solved Papers of IIT JAM by Neha Tyagi)

For double and triple integrals, differential equations, and higher order differential equations, it would be best to buy APPLIED MATHEMATICS II by GV KUMBHOJKAR.

You can even find online mock tests for a considerable price and it will really help you.


All the very best.

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We all know that IIT JAM is one of the prestigious exams of India which is conducted for admission in top IITs basically for post-graduation programs like MSc, MSc-PhD. Therefore, qualifying IIT JAM exam means you got a great opportunity for pursuing your PG from top colleges of India.

If we talk about scopes after qualifying IIT JAM Exam then it’s clear that you will get the chance to study in IITs or other top colleges, you have to complete your post graduation from there, obviously, you will get best learning experience since you are studying in top colleges.

After completion of your degree, more better opportunities will be open for you like you can get a job in top companies of the world, you can also work for top government companies for research and other qualified works etc.

Hope that helps.