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How can I stay ahead of my friends during my IIT-JEE preparation?

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If you compare yourself with others you will not be able improve. Just focus on your improvement in your result of mock tests for the JEE main 2018. Don’t look at your friend’s result. May be there is a lot of difference between you and him.

Set your own goals and achieve them. The day you start focusing on your studies without thinking about anyone else, you will achieve success.

All the best!!!!

posted Nov 15, 2017 by Tripti Khandal

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You don’t need to worry as you have around one and a half year to prepare and trust me it is enough for anyone to prepare for the JEE. If you work hard and don’t waste your time in the future you’ll achieve whatever you want.

If you are dedicated enough, stop thinking and start working. This is the high time you have to focus on the preparation.

Start clearing your basics for the each subject of JEE Main 2018. This will help you build the foundation and it will be advantageous in Class XII.

Another thing you need to keep in mind is study according to the timetable and proper planning.

All the best!!!!

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Six months is quite a large amount of time in which you can do wonders.
But if you’re aiming only 130–150 marks , bruh NCERT is the key.
All NCERT’s should be on your tips , you’ll get around 150–170. But for maths you may refer to RD Sharma.
Previous years JEE Mains questions are mandatory.
I hope you will definitely crack the JEE Main 2018.
Thank You!!