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What Is Wheel Polishing Machine

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Wheel Polishing Machine is mainly used in various parts, motorcycle parts, textile machinery, precision casting, forging, stamping, spring, structural parts, bearings, magnetic materials, powder metallurgy, watches, electronic components, standard parts, hardware, tools. Fine polishing of small parts, etc., in the course of use, pay attention to the four major skills of Wheel Polishing Machine:

First of all, Wheel Polishing Machine uses advanced frequency automatic tracking technology to develop leather polishing, Wheel Polishing Machine, leather processing, automatic ultrasonic electric spark mold polishing machine.

This is followed by a generally strengthened layer of tungsten steel to reduce frictional resistance, improve mechanical precision, improve cutting performance and extend service life.

In addition, the Wheel Polishing Machine is used to fix the parts and fixtures in the specified position and apply a pressing force to the abrasive. The squeezing honing machine has two opposing abrasive cylinders that clamp the part or clamp when closed.

Finally, the abrasive is squeezed from one cylinder to the other, and the part is restrained by the grinding action. The parts are ground and polished by the pre-adjusted stroke position and the preset number of honing.

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General customers are very concerned about the selection and installation of the Wheel Polishing Machine , as these affect the future use of the polishing machine. Today, we will summarize some experiences for the installers.

  1. Firstly, it is necessary to analyze the soil pressure resistance, water level, etc. at the installation site, and must meet the installation and use requirements of the polishing machine to determine the installation plan.

  2. When installing the polishing machine, try to clean the ground so that the machine is not easy to clean.

  3. Installation should avoid high-voltage transmission lines and avoid interference with the electronic polishing machine.

  4. Need to have independent power supply to avoid sharing with other high-power appliances.

5 Polishing machine installation requires a relatively large installation site, and it is important to have enough operating space.

  1. It is rainy, humid, and the polishing machine installed in the saline and alkali areas cannot be used on ordinary mud. Otherwise, many problems such as ventilation and drainage should be considered.

  2. The polishing machine should not be installed on the tuyere, otherwise the polishing machine will not work well when it is windy.

information about wheel polishing machine :

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At present, the Centrifugal Disc Polishing Machine is an electric polishing machine with a polishing wheel for polishing. Most of the polishing wheel materials are made of multi-layer canvas, felt or leather. The two ends of the polishing wheel are clamped with a metal circular plate. Then, the polishing wheel is coated with a polishing paste, a polishing wax, a polishing agent, etc., and the motor drives the polishing wheel to rotate at a high speed (circumferential speed). Pressing on the surface of the zinc alloy workpiece at 20 m / sec or more, rolling and micro-cutting on the surface of the zinc alloy through the cloth wheel and polishing paste, thereby obtaining a bright processed surface, and the surface roughness of the zinc alloy member after polishing can generally reach Ra0. .63 ~ 0.01 microns.

The process must use a special electric polishing machine for the polishing wheel: the one with a tapered thread on both ends of the shaft. This will make the wheel turn tighter and tighter. The two ends of a single shaft are two stations. There are many types of polishing wheels. The most common type is the hemp wheel. For details, please consult the polishing material store. The grinding machine is generally 2800 rpm. Some can be adjusted between 2800 and 1440. The idling of the sander is very low. But at work is - the workpiece is tightly pressed

Centrifugal Disc Polishing Machine should pay attention to the problem:

When the wheel is polished, the load is relatively large, so pay attention to the wiring when it is considered, otherwise it is dangerous. After all, it is dusty and easy to heat up.

Due to the dust generated during the polishing process, the workshop must be well ventilated, leaving a hole in the position corresponding to the wheel of the electric polishing machine, and the air duct directly draws the air out to the outside of the air duct for the purpose of sucking the dust generated during polishing. Go, or to connect the dust removal device to the air outlet to filter dust. The other end of the air duct usually has a small door to get in and out of the dust deposited in the air duct.

information about centrifugal disc polishing machine: