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Why does the Wheel Polishing Machine wear out?

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The Wheel Polishing Machine needs to pay attention to some problems when machining the workpiece, so as to ensure the stability of its operation, the standardization of the motion trajectory and the good state of motion, so as to continuously improve the quality of the workpiece. However, sometimes we will find that the Wear Polishing Machine has worn out after running. What are the reasons?

First, when the grinding is under the action of high temperature, the abrasive grains will be plastically worn. Because the workpiece material itself is hot and hard, it should be contacted to produce high temperature during grinding, and finally plastic deformation will occur.

Second, the hardness of the household is relatively high in the high temperature state, the mold has a relatively large resistance to plastic wear, coupled with the diamond has a large plastic strength, under high temperature conditions will produce a relatively large plastic flow capacity.

Third, the plastic flow on the surface of the abrasive grain is not the entanglement of the equipment itself, but the characteristics and form of the wear process.

information about wheel polishing machine :

posted Apr 11 by Unique Machine

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