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Are Ketones Polar?

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posted Sep 12, 2016 by anonymous

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1 Answer

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Chemistry is a very important topic and the Date of JEE Advanced 2018][1is out
The important topic covers in chemistry
• Alkyl Halide, Alcohol & Ether (Reaction Mechanism)- 1 que 4 marks
• Amines- 1 que 4 marks
• Aromatic Compounds -1 que 4 marks

answer Sep 23 by Rahul Sharma
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Please provide a sequence in which one should your lectures for jee preaparation as they are alphabetically arranged

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The preparation tips for the JEE Mains 2018 Exam are:

Make a proper study plan for the last few months and cover all the important topics in the JEE syllabus.
Study in different time slots and take a break between each time slots.
Refer some good books for the practice. Don’t just collect too many books as they will create extra stress on you. Just go with 2–3 standard books for the JEE mains.
Give mock tests regularly to keep an eye on your performance. Analyze them on the basis of your weak areas, time taken in each question, type of mistake you committed etc.
Time management is the key both in the preparation and exam. Take care of the time during the exam as investing a lot of time on one question will decrease your performance.
Don’t just study recklessly. Give some time for the recreational activities and hobbies to keep yourself refresh.
Revise the important topics in every 15–20 days and make a handbook for all the important formulas and theorems.
Have faith in yourself and make a best strategy from the mock tests to be used in the JEE main exam.
All the best!!!!