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Where can I get optimal time table for the preparation of IIT JEE?

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posted Sep 12, 2016 by anonymous

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6 Answers

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You presently have optimal time for the preparation of JEE

As they have announced the mains exam to be on April I would recommend to be completely through with all 12 class chapters.
What ever class 11 topic you think you are good at prepare them to your maximum potential and the chapters you do not know just give it a reading from your NCERT.
We will be planned with a lots of revision exams from our school side from the month of December so we just left with one whole month of November.
Till the portions get over concentrate on them afterwards spend equal time in class 12 as well as class 11 concepts.
After the completion of Board exams we will have a gap of 1 week to 10 days in which we are suppose to revise,please do not take any risk of learning a new concept at that time.

Try to take as many sample tests as possible tests possible to reduce exam pressure,stress and tension.

answer Oct 21, 2016 by Gokul
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The IIT JEE is one of the toughest exam in India. If you are still preparing for enter in this exam you should also try video lectures with best solutions for your problems.

answer May 15 by Deepti Sharma
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Revise NCERT books of class 11 and 12 both time and again . If you get stuck at any point revise the concerning chapter from the NCERT books . Go through the basic theorems till the idea and conception become clear to you and feel ease of mind . Remember, NCERT books have no alternative for jee, be it iit or others .
Wishing success..... Spdas.

answer Jun 5 by Spdas
[JEE MAINS SYLLABUS][1]IITJEE is one of the toughest but most important exam in India.Every year thousands of aspirants gives this exam for graduation courses from IIT's and other central Universities & NIT's.Thus very important o focus on your goal and prepare well for this exam
yiou can follow some important strategies to prepare for IIT exams
Check the [The JEE Advanced Eligibility][1]  
•    Do Complete your syllabus on time and you can score as much you want. Also do complete your practical files, assignments on time so that you will not face difficulties during exams period Ans you can get time for revision
•    Do practice previous years’ que papers daily after you complete your syllabus
•    Read NCERT books thoroughly, most of the questions in the examinations is asked.
•    Do practice formulas and diagrams daily
•    Make small notes of important topics for revision

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Lack of students preparing for the exam. So, it is desirable to prepare a good study plan for JEE exam. Some important points are explain here related to your preparation.
1. Know the correct information about eligibility criteria, age limit, exam pattern, syllabus & online application procedure etc. of exam.
2. Choose the right books, that cover overall syllabus of exam in easy & simple language.
3. As the competition level is so higher in Jee exam so, you have to pay extra attention to qualify exam.
4. Solve the previous year question paper regularly, by this you can know about difficulty level of exam.
5. Make your study plan weekly. Like if you have 10 papers, then solve 1 paper daily.
6. While attending Mock tests, be concentrate on your speed & accuracy.
These are some preparation tips that can help you for your study plan.

answer Aug 17 by Prtigya Kr
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Before planning to appear in the exam, make sure you fulfill the IIT JEE Main Eligibility Criteria!

answer Aug 30 by Surbhi Singh
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JEE exam conducts to fulfill the recruitment of various engineering colleges by IIT. It contains into two parts.
JEE Main
JEE Advanced
If you are cleared the main exam then you can get the admission in NITs colleges and after clearing the JEE Advanced Exam then you get IITs colleges.
So, if you want to get admission in NITs, IITs engineering colleges then you should fill the JEE Main Application Form.

You should give JEE Exam this year if you are think that you can prepare for that. Some preparation tips are given below to cross the score of JEE.
Know about exam pattern and syllabus for cover the all topics.
Solve previous years papers.
Learn short and simple tricks.
Create short notes.
Daily revise all topics which you covered.

answer Aug 31 by Tripti Khandal
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As we all know that how important this exam is IIT JEE
This is one of the most popular exam in India and is one of the toughest exam also
A good rank in JEE Mains can be grabbed by a good score in JEE along with a good percentage in Board exams. There is a criterion that the marks scored in JEE Exams are allotted 60% weightage and rest 40% is for board can check your JEE Advanced Eligiblity 2018
It doesn’t matter if you got compartment in physics, what matters is you must overall score up to the JEE’s criteria. Student who performs more than 75%(65% for SC/ST Candidates) is only eligible for the exam.