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Where can I get optimal time table for the preparation of IIT JEE?

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posted Sep 12, 2016 by anonymous

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4 Answers

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You presently have optimal time for the preparation of JEE

As they have announced the mains exam to be on April I would recommend to be completely through with all 12 class chapters.
What ever class 11 topic you think you are good at prepare them to your maximum potential and the chapters you do not know just give it a reading from your NCERT.
We will be planned with a lots of revision exams from our school side from the month of December so we just left with one whole month of November.
Till the portions get over concentrate on them afterwards spend equal time in class 12 as well as class 11 concepts.
After the completion of Board exams we will have a gap of 1 week to 10 days in which we are suppose to revise,please do not take any risk of learning a new concept at that time.

Try to take as many sample tests as possible tests possible to reduce exam pressure,stress and tension.

answer Oct 21, 2016 by Gokul
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The IIT JEE is one of the toughest exam in India. If you are still preparing for enter in this exam you should also try video lectures with best solutions for your problems.

answer May 15 by Deepti Sharma
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Revise NCERT books of class 11 and 12 both time and again . If you get stuck at any point revise the concerning chapter from the NCERT books . Go through the basic theorems till the idea and conception become clear to you and feel ease of mind . Remember, NCERT books have no alternative for jee, be it iit or others .
Wishing success..... Spdas.

answer Jun 5 by Spdas
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IITJEE is one of the toughest but most important exam in India.Every year thousands of aspirants gives this exam for graduation courses from IIT's and other central Universities & NIT's.Thus very important o focus on your goal and prepare well for this exam
yiou can follow some important strategies to prepare for IIT exams
• Do Complete your syllabus on time and you can score as much you want. Also do complete your practical files, assignments on time so that you will not face difficulties during exams period Ans you can get time for revision
• Do practice previous years’ que papers daily after you complete your syllabus
• Read NCERT books thoroughly, most of the questions in the examinations is asked.
• Do practice formulas and diagrams daily
• Make small notes of important topics for revision
you can take help from [IITJEE preparation tips]

answer 22 hours ago by Rahul Sharma
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