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Your future after IIT – career paths you could take

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When you first think of applying to IIT, presumably your interests or your career goals revolve around engineering and the sciences. Once you take up the core engineering modules, you have plenty of opportunities to pick from when it comes to your career. Yes, it may be true that engineers resort to other fields that don’t necessarily require an engineering background, but this isn’t the case for everyone.

So, if you do in fact want to stay within the worlds of engineering, science, and technology, then we are here to help you. Take a look at the different fields you could get into after your education and see what piques your interest and abilities.

Let’s get into the various fields that could suit you:

Automotive Industry – Perfect for mechanical engineering graduates, as you would have to design tools, car parts, and vehicles, and you would have to improve on already existing designs.

Chemical Industry – Chemical engineers could look at manufacturing plants or chemical and pharmaceutical companies, which are extremely popular in India.

Aerospace Industry – Engineers with a background in aerospace, automobile, and even mechanical engineering could be hired either for designing aircrafts, or even their operations.

Engineering Physics – Graduates in this field have a wide set of skills when it comes to mathematics, computer systems, electronics, and obviously, physics! This means that careers in either

telecommunications or nuclear engineering could be an option.

Electrical Industry – Electric engineers can design and develop electrical control systems. You could look at jobs in plenty of fields such as, power production, manufacturing, transportation,

networking, and even with builders for their lighting and heating needs.

Civil Engineering – If you have a civil engineering background, then once again, you will have various career paths ahead of you. For example, you could get into environmental engineering, structural engineering, transportation engineering, and even geotechnical engineering.

Energy Science Industry – A very lucrative field to be in, energy science is something large companies look for. Companies such as those who are in the world of manufacturing, fuel production, and industrial need engineers who have an energy science background. The same could be needed for government organisations. You would have to find innovative and legit energy supply methods, design machinery, improve and/or research on finding alternative sources of energy that are cleaner (solar, geothermal, etc etc).

Mechanical Industry – A very popular career path, mechanical engineers, get to develop and design products and even processes that can be either small components or machinery, or even vehicles. After all, most fields need mechanical systems. For example, you could take a look at automotive industries, defence engineering, transport, and even research sectors.

Computer Science Industry – As you must know, jobs in IT and Software pay extremely well right from starting salaries. Added to that, the demand for computer and software engineers are always high, which already opens wide doors for you. With an engineering background from IIT, you have more than enough career paths to pick from that are directly related to your skill set. Rest assured you will fit right in!

posted Sep 8, 2016 by anonymous

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Hello friends, I am Rishabh Soni. I am a second year UG student in IIT Kharagpur and my stream is Metallurgical and Materials Engineering. I am a general category student and had to struggle one more year (i.e. a year drop) for JEE preparation. And somehow managed to score an AIR of 3825. Also, I want to share some of my earlier states, so that you can correlate them with yours and try to find a new way of living life.

I had my schooling from a normal Hindi medium government school, from Bhilai, Chhattisgarh and no one ever had cracked IIT JEE exam in the school’s history since 1981. I completed my +2 exam and when I gave JEE exam for the first time, I had no idea what kind of level of question it could ask. I was “topper” of my school so just qualified Mains and appeared Advanced. You won’t believe it, I just attempted 3 questions in my Advanced 2 nd paper, in which too, two answers were wrong. Can you imagine!! I was like, ragged in parts after that exam. But then somehow I gathered my courage again and went to Kota just because my father wanted me to. And I thought this time at least I have to score approx 300 marks in Mains to be in safe side, leaving

aside the advanced exam. In Kota I was under guidance of Manish Jha sir for Physics, Hari Shankar Rathore sir for IOC, Rajneesh sir for PC, Ravindra Chauhan sir for OC and Arunesh Kanther sir

for maths in Allen Career Institute. Whenever someone takes a year drop, he doesn’t have that capacity or patience to study the same thing for one more year. It happens. And many times one thinks that I shouldn’t have done this, or I had an NIT seat and I should have taken that, or what if I couldn’t make it this time too, what about my parents money that’s like a debt on me, and blah blah blah… I want to say in this context, my dad is equivalent to a God for me. He had make many engineers in my family, like two of my uncles and 3 of my cousins had been taught by him (no one could crack IIT, but still he got experience from all this things) and he literally knew all this things would be happening with me. He stated some points for these all crap thoughts-

  • You are the most intelligent boy I have ever seen. ( a sweet helpful lie)
  • Life will always and always be better than what it is now (it’s a fact). It’s Okay, you had NIT seat yesterday, but you can have an IIT seat or a better branch in NIT tomorrow and
  • My money (my father’s money) is all for you. Fathers earn money only because their children can do what they want.

Now, I’ll share my strategy to prepare course and I won’t say you all to strictly follow these things or only these things are perfect.

Physics: I recommend you HC Verma for easily understanding the concepts and to attempt conceptual questions, as the interactive narrative in HCV helps in understanding the concepts in a very friendly manner. If you find it too primitive go for Irodov which deals with the concepts in depth, which is useful in cracking SAT in USA too. Focus on improving your calculus as it helps in dealing with portion other than mechanics. The CBSE NCERT textbook is also very helpful for basics.

Chemistry: Again CBSE NCERT is very helpful for overall understanding the concepts &amp; it would be very helpful for JEE Mains. For measuring concepts like concentrations, mole concept, pH level, etc go for RK Mukherjee just for practice. Revise all the concepts frequently.

Mathematics: I referred to the notes I made during the classes. For in depth conceptual questions go for Hall &amp; Knight. RD Sharma would be a good choice for JEE Mains. Never relate any of the questions to the other one, as it causes confusion and interferes with your intuition which plays a major part in solving the question after practice. Practice is the most important advice for Mathematics that I can give. For JEE Mains remember to go through the CBSE NCERT books at least a month before the exam &amp; do not crack under pressure during the exams, always be calm before attempting the question and do not panic if you couldn’t solve say the first question itself.You don’t have to attempt all the question, just about 70-80% would be enough given that you are confident about these. We had quite a surprise held in store for us as we were given a question paper of 504 marks with the system of +4 & -2 marking scheme. So if you deal with such a surprise, again – remember to keep calm and stay cool  And at last all the very best!!

Remember, you will always be rewarded for your hard work…